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ADRIAN BOAS was born in Melbourne, Australia. He received his Ph.D. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1996 and is a retired lecturer in archaeology and history of the Crusader period at the University of Haifa, Israel.
He has excavated several urban and rural sites and castles in Israel and since 2006 directs the Montfort Castle Project. He is the current president of the Society for the Study of the Crusades and the Latin East (SSCLE).
Professor Boas has published several books on the archaeology of the Crusader period, most recently the award-winning Montfort. Early History and Recent Studies of the Principal Fortress of the Teutonic Order in the Latin East, Brill, 2017, winner of the 2017 Verbruggen Prize.

In 2023  Professor Boas was honoured by the
publication of a two-volume festschrift titled
Exploring Outremer, Studies in honour of
Adrian J. Boas
, published in the Crusades
Subsidia series and edited by Rabei G. Khamisy,
Rafael Y. Lewis and Vardit R. Shotten-Hallel.

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